I’m Really Here To Help: Customer Service In The Public Sector

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Working at the front desk of a public library or county clerk’s office is not the same as serving customers in a department store. Local government adheres to different ethical and legal standards as well as serving a broader representation of the general public. And the average citizen might be more likely to come to a government office because of a problem. So, how can front line employees better serve the public while keeping their cool?


  • Introduction: The History Of Public Sector Service: Safety For The Stranger
  • The Key Idea: Government Customer Service Is An Honored Role
  • Why Government Customer Service Can Be Harder
  • Standards Of Great Customer Service
  • How To Deal With An Angry Citizen
  • Write And Talk Like A Person, Not A Bureaucrat
  • Improving Community Relations With Better Communication Tools


  • Establish standards for better customer service.
  • Understand and follow public sector ethics.
  • Raise citizen satisfaction with government services.

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