How to Use Project Management Principles to Write Your Strategic Plan

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Too often there is a disconnect between the creation of a strategic plan, with its big-picture ideas and highfalutin language, and the day-to-day work needed to get it done. It is one reason too many plans languish in drawers, or end in failure. What elements of managing operations can be included in the strategic plan to help ensure that it is implemented successfully?


  • Introduction: Grounding Your Strategic Plan
  • The Key Idea: Keep It Concrete, Simple, And Focused
  • Invite The People Who Will Implement The Plan
  • Use Specific, Concrete Language And Physical Evidence
  • Clean House Before The Plan Is Written (Fewer Projects)
  • What Are The Reality Checks: Money, People, And Time
  • Evaluation And Feedback Are Built In From The Beginning


  • Integrate management principles into the planning process.
  • Familiarize staff and managers with the plan from the beginning.
  • Create a parallel operations plan, with budget, time, and accountability described.

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