How To Teach Library Patrons, Customers, and Students How To Cherish Their Home Libraries

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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If a library user asks for advice about taking care of their home collection of books, do you lecture them about Dewey? Demand each book is processed according to archival standards? Dismiss their love of ancient, paperback Westerns? And carefully correct them, in detail, if they dare call their piles of old textbooks and romance novels a library? Or do you encourage their love of books and reading with information that transfers easily to a home collection?


  • Introduction: What Makes A Home Library Special?
  • The Key Idea: A Gentle Touch Works Best
  • Collecting For Ideas Versus Artifacts Versus Investments
  • Display And Storage: How Much Does It Weigh
  • Cataloging: If You Must
  • Heat, Light, Moisture, Mold, And Pest: What Can Be Done?
  • Simple Cleaning And Repairs: No Lighter Fluid, Please!


  • Translate professional knowledge into suitable help for home collectors.
  • Increase the layperson’s love of books.
  • Create partnerships with scholars, book collectors, and researchers.

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