How To Stay Employable In The 21st Century

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Regardless of what you do for a living, every kind of workplace is changing. To stay employable means becoming a lifelong learner. Evaluate and document what you know how to do well: create a personal curriculum for what you can improve. Ten skills sets, from financial literacy to workplace writing to sales to knowing how to learn new technologies, can give you a plan for furthering your career.


  • Introduction: What Does It Mean To Stay Employable?
  • The Key Idea: Stay Up-To-Date With Your Job Skills
  • Using The Plus/Delta Model To Evaluate Your Abilities
  • The Ten Skill Sets And How To Use Them
  • Translate Skill Sets Into Specific Activities
  • Sources Of Self-Directed Learning Opportunities
  • Coaching Other People Through This Process


  • Identify strengths and what can be stronger.
  • Design a personal training plan.
  • Know what your workplace expects next.

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