How to Improve Your Workplace When You are Not the Boss

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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It’s not enough to criticize and complain if you want to make your workplace better, particularly when you don’t have power or authority. Also, being right about the technical details of the problem and possible solutions is usually not enough either. You can improve your situation by building better workplace relationships, learning to navigate the political maze of your workplace, and ensuring your own behavior is beyond reproach.


  • Introduction: How Can Everyone Make A Difference?
  • The Key Idea: Influence Is About People, Not Just About Facts
  • The Need For Building Trust And Respect
  • Researching The Big Picture
  • Winning Support For New Ideas
  • When To Step On Toes
  • Making Most Transactions About Praising Others


  • Build status through accomplishment and good workplace relationships.
  • Identify first steps for making successful change.
  • Create a support team of mentors and like-minded change agents.

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