How To Evaluate a Strategic Planning Process

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: SP 214

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Before, during, and after a strategic planning process, how will you ensure that your hard work is going to pay off? How often should you stop and check in with the stakeholders? What benchmarks and checkpoints have been put into place? And what kind of outside evaluators are ready to provide important feedback while there is still time to make adjustments?


  • Introduction: Case Study: What Can Go Wrong?
  • The Key Idea: Checkpoints And Benchmarks Are Built In
  • How To Prevent Micromanagement And Excessive Overhead Costs
  • Recruiting Fresh Eyes To Look For Problems
  • Who Did You Overlook?
  • What Happens At A Weekly Meeting?
  • Who Decides Course Correction?


  • Improve effectiveness of strategic planning.
  • Repair mistakes while they are small and recoverable.
  • Build relationships with people who can evaluate outcomes early.

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