How to Engage Your Community in Your Library’s Strategic Planning

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: LI 236

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Your neighbors are too busy these days. So involving your community’s members in a conventional library strategic planning process – committees, meetings, advisory boards, focus groups – can be problematic. How can you recruit people who can provide significant feedback to ensure your library’s strategic plan is responsive to the needs of your stakeholders? One secret: Don’t ask for input just once a year.


  • Introduction: Why Input Is Necessary
  • The Key Idea: Connect On A Personal Level.
  • Mapping Your Community Or Institution
  • Everyone’s Job Is Gathering Information
  • Ensuring A Fuller Picture Of The People You Serve
  • Sampling Opinions
  • Showing Up On Their Turf


  • Connect with a broader range of community members for input.
  • Design a process with more and shorter commitments.
  • Identify corners of the community that might be neglected.

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