How To Coach In The Workplace

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Most workplace learning happens in the course of the day, during encounters with employees, co-workers, and supervisors. Instead of seeking out colleagues only to tell them they are doing something wrong, or to ask them a favor, why not use your time to coach: catch them doing it right, tell them what they are doing right, and reward them with attention and praise. Works better than a constant rain of criticism.


  • Introduction: Catch Them, Tell Them, Reward Them
  • The Key Idea: You Don’t Have To Criticize To Be Effective
  • Why Positive Reinforcement Works
  • How It Is Different From Phony Self-Esteem Building
  • Management By Walking Around
  • How It Works With Bosses, Co-workers, And Customers
  • When Does It Not Work, And Why It Is Only One Approach


  • Improve behavior via positive reinforcement.
  • Integrate lessons in workplace conversations.
  • Build better supervisory relationships.

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