How To Cherish Your Home Library

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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How do you care for your personal collection of books? Librarians, archivists, book collectors, historians, curators, artists, and architects all have valuable advice that you can use to create and preserve a home-based library. There is no one right way to organize, display, clean, or repair; learn what will work best for your situation.


  • Introduction: What Makes A Great Home Library
  • The Key Idea: Simple Solutions Work The Best
  • How A Home Library Is Different
  • Organizational Schemes: Practical Versus Professional
  • How Much Does Your Library Weigh?
  • Tricks To Make Your Books Last Longer
  • Enjoy Your Books; Make Them Accessible


  • Increase the functionality of your home library.
  • Preserve your favorite books.
  • Design a library that better displays and protects your books.

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