How To Charge for Your Services

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Writers, plumbers, management consultants, and wedding planners share the same issue: How do we charge for our time. Do we follow professional guidelines, look over our competitors shoulders for clues, ask our clients for their advice, or make our money on commissions for product sales, regardless of the time it takes? Combining several models work best for most people.


  • Introduction: What You Want Versus What The Market Will Bear
  • The Key Idea: Will You Reach Your Financial Goals?
  • No One Works 24/7/365: One Hour Pays For Four
  • Know Your Market And Customers
  • No Whining! You Have A Choice
  • Discounts And Long-term Contracts
  • What Is Forgotten When Figuring Costs


  • Calculate fee structures that better represent your financial goals.
  • Lower the stress of negotiating contracts.
  • Position your services for the right target audience.

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