How to Be a Fearless Employee (or Leader)

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: CA 118

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Risk energizes some people, but it also paralyzes others. They won’t present a new idea at a meeting, ask for a raise or promotion, take a class in something difficult, or look forĀ a new job. They might also be afraid of being fired for making a mistake. How can theseĀ people find the courage to take reasonable risks to help themselves and others?


  • Introduction: What Risks Are Good Risks?
  • The Key Idea: Always Have A Plan B. And Plan C
  • Evaluate Workplace Risks: Will The Worst Happen?
  • Research The Pros And Cons, And The Alternatives
  • Anticipation Is Scarier Than The Actual Failure
  • Cultivate Brave People For Support And Advice
  • Practice With Safe Audiences First


  • Better evaluate the likelihood of success for risky projects.
  • Take more risks to improve a workplace and further a career.
  • Take on a difficult task to practice probable failure.

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