Hiring Volunteers For Your Nonprofit Organization

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: NP 112

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Is the idea of hiring volunteers an oxymoron? The nonprofit community discovered decades that treating volunteers with the same respect (and scrutiny) as paid employees improves accountability. The hiring process includes attention to legal issues as well as ensuring the volunteer is a good match for the organization and vice versa.


  • Introduction: Do You Have A Hiring Plan For Volunteers?
  • The Key Idea: Use The Same Model As For Hiring Paid Employees
  • What Skills Do You Need?
  • What Can You Offer Your Volunteers?
  • Where Do You Find Them?
  • Screening Process And Interviews
  • Making A Match


  • Create an effective plan for recruiting volunteers.
  • Build a bigger pool of potential qualified candidates.
  • Eliminate more personnel problems before the volunteer is hired.

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