Hire Yourself a New Employer: An Entrepreneur’s Approach to Job-Hunting

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: CA 218

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Are you looking for a new employer, or are you looking for a new customer for your abilities? If you think of yourself as a business with services to sell, you might view issues such as promotions and raises, insurance and benefits, retirement and investments, differently. The more you take control of these issues, the easier it is to job-hunt.


  • Introduction: How Does The Entrepreneur See Potential Employers?
  • The Key Idea: Take Responsibility For Your Career And Finances
  • What Do You Expect From An Employer; Can You Do Better?
  • Why Work? Money And Learning
  • Evaluate Your Skills: Solving The Employer’s Problems
  • Seek Professional Help To Assess Your Financial Goals
  • Create Your Five-year Career Path


  • Create better financial goals.
  • Design a workplace learning plan for evaluating employers.
  • Take more responsibility for investments and insurance.

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