Hard Choices: Thriving During Change And Catastrophe

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: SP 114

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In hard economic times, organizations have to make hard choices regarding budgets and staffing. If you had to cut your budget by 15%, reduce the number of products in your catalog by 20%, decide which buildings to close, or who gets the one promotion, would you know how to choose? Hard choices start with knowing the direction you want to take, for your workplace and your self.


  • Introduction: Make Choices, Or Life Will Make Them For You
  • The Key Idea: Bring Your Stability With You To Work
  • The Strategic Approach: Focus On Big Goals
  • The Blank Check Approach: Researching Your Options
  • How To Weigh And Sort Your Choices
  • Typical Personal And Institutional Mistakes
  • Case Studies


  • Create and discover resources and options to maintain personal and institutional success.
  • Plan for best and worst case scenarios with family and staff.
  • Avoid cookie-cutter “chopping” of assets based only on abstract formulas.

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