Falling Between the Cracks: Addressing Mistakes and Misunderstandings

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: IC 210

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A busy schedule, a big project, or a series of crises can damage the communication in even the best-run organization. If trust is frayed because there is not enough time to patch up mistakes, disagreements, misunderstandings, and broken promises, it is time to pause, step back, and repair the damage. This kind of meeting focuses on productivity, good will, and the better future. Apologies are not enough: What’s next?


  • Introduction: Symptoms That It Is Time To Stop And Fix Things
  • The Key Idea: Mistakes Will Happen With The Best Of Folks
  • How To Prepare And Who To Invite
  • Create An Environment Of Trust And Respect
  • Keep The Conversations Focused On Civility And Rationality
  • Case Studies: What Questions To Ask?
  • When Not To Meet As A Group


  • Improve morale with actions, not just words.
  • Build trust between workers and management.
  • Uncover mistakes to fix, and improve productivity.

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