Executive Decision-Making

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: LE 211

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Executive decisions impact multiple departments and buildings as well as all of the people who work for you. These are the decisions that make business owners and agency directors wake up at 3 am in the morning and change the direction of big projects as well as redefine the mission and vision of the institutions and communities they serve. What tools can help you make those big picture, expensive choices?


  • Introduction: What Makes Executive Decision-Making Different?
  • The Key Idea: Keep Your Eye On The Prize?
  • What Is The Desired Outcome?
  • How Will You Verify Facts And Opinions?
  • How Are You Weighing The Factors?
  • How WIll This Impact Customers And Staff?
  • What Is The Deadline For Executing The Decision?


  • Improve buy-in for difficult decisions.
  • Mitigate negative effects on customers and staff.
  • Make decisions and take actions in a more timely fashion.

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