Everyday Leadership

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Regardless of your position in your workplace, you can be a leader: someone with vision, character, and influence who is comfortable with risk. Do you have a big-picture view of your workplace? Do you think about the future and talk about your vision for better technology, customer service, superior products? Do people want to follow your lead? Do they listen to your ideas and take you seriously?


  • Introduction: How Is Leadership Different?
  • The Key Idea: Anyone Can Inspire Innovation
  • How Do Leaders Manage Risk?
  • What Is The New Destination You Are Working For?
  • How Do You Influence Change When You Are Not In Charge?
  • Character Counts: What Are The Virtues Of Leadership?
  • What Can You Do, Every Day?


  • Focus on future outcomes, not just today.
  • Become a positive influence for change in your workplace.
  • Attract and build a team for achieving big goals.

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