Everyday Leadership for Library Directors

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: LI 230

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Regardless of the burden of responsibilities in your library,you can be a leader: someone with vision, character,and influence who is comfortable with risk. Do you have a big-picture view of your library? Do you think about the future and talk about your vision for better technology, improved customer service, a superior collection, and community- based programming? Do staff and community members want to follow your lead? Do they listen to your ideas and take you seriously?


  • Introduction: How Is Leadership Different?
  • The Key Idea: Anyone Can Inspire Innovation And Change.
  • How Do Leaders Manage Risk?
  • What Is The New Destination You Are Working For?
  • How Do You Influence Change When You Don’t Have Authority?
  • Character Counts: What Are The Virtue of Leadership?
  • What Can You Do, Every Day?


  • Focus on future outcomes, not just today.
  • Become a positive influence for change in your workplace.
  • Attract and build a team for achieving big goals.

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