Ethical Politics: Positive Influence in Your Community

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: CD 114

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Did you choose to engage in public life, as an elected or appointed official, the member of a public or nonprofit board, or as an activist in community issues? Consider that your decisions and behavior influence how people will support you and the issues and causes you represent. For example, the appearance of an ethical breach will weigh as much as an actual misstep. What is ethical behavior in community life?


  • Introduction: What Defines Ethical Behavior?
  • The Key Idea: The Success Of Community Leadership Can Be Impacted by Personal Behavior
  • Ethics As Decisions And Actions
  • How Are Professional Ethical Standards Established?
  • How Are Personal Ethical Standards Established?
  • Communicate What You Are Doing, And Why: Transparency
  • How To Fix Public Mistakes


  • Better include the general public in decision-making.
  • Audit the written ethical codes and by-laws of your organizations.
  • Set goals for better ethical behavior.

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