Essential Webinar Series: Intro to Your First Big Speech

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: KN 101

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The Essential Webinar Series provides an introduction to practical ideas that support workplace and career success.

Between the time you get the bad news that you have to make the Big Speech until you sit down (or stumble off the stage), you can replace panic with research, design, and practice. Even experienced actors, teachers, leaders, and sales people find preparation the key to a great performance.


  • Introduction: Why Volunteer For The Big Speech?
  • The Key Idea: It’s About Connecting With Your Audience, Not Perfection
  • Start With The Goal: Why A Speech, And How Will You Know It’s A Success?
  • What You Can Accomplish in the Time Given: Your First Outline
  • The Right Way To Practice
  • Why Stage Fright Is Your Friend, and Other Scary Issues
  • The Big Day: Own The Spotlight


  • Develop a routine for preparing for important presentations.
  • Anticipate and plan for mistakes and upsets.
  • Practice correctly so that you don’t reinforce mistakes.

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