Essential Webinar Series: Intro to The Iron Triangle: Quality, Resources, and Time Constraints

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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The Essential Webinar Series provides an introduction to practical ideas that support workplace and career success. 

Do you want it Good, Cheap, or Fast? Pick two. The so-called Project Management or Iron Triangle establishes three sets of parameters for projects and enterprises. The Triangle helps keep teams aligned and on track, even while making decisions on the fly.


  • Introduction: A Commonsense Model For Evaluating Projects and Enterprises
  • The Key Idea: Three Bottom Lines, Not Just One
  • How To Use The Triangle
  • Introduction To Good, Cheap, and Fast Parameters
  • Flexible Ratios: How They Tie Together
  • Case Studies: Real Life Stories
  • Why The Triangle Is Not Enough


  • Create framework for aligning team decisions.
  • Design simple graphics for sharing management choices.
  • Help identify and address perfectionism.

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