Do You Have What It Takes To Be Self-Employed?

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: SE 112

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Do you think that being self-employed means you no longer have any bosses? That you won’t have to work with other people? That you will have more free time? That you will be able to find money from banks and federal agencies? And that you will develop a great idea that someone else will buy for big bucks? And that a unicorn will appear at your door with a pot of gold?


  • Introduction: The Pros And Cons Of Self-Employment
  • The Key Idea: Success Is Based On Stuff That Isn’t Much Fun
  • Discipline: Clearing Your Plate To Make Room For More Work
  • Planning: Testing Your Assumptions On Paper
  • Building Your Professional Team: Do They Know Small Businesses?
  • The Artisan Dilemma: Will You Have Time For Your Creative Work?
  • Are Your Ready? Don’t Quit Your Day Job


  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of self-employment for you.
  • Develop a draft of a business plan, and ask for feedback.
  • Create a weekend project to test your idea and skills.

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