Discovery: A Better Model for Political Discussions

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Recent political campaigns destroyed lasting friendships, frayed family ties, and alienated neighbors and co-workers. Social media became a battleground of nasty diatribes, insults, and slurs. Is there a better way to talk about ideological differences? The Discovery Model is about listening and sharing with no intention to convince or win a debate. The point? To learn and grow while strengthening workplace, personal, and online relationships.


  • Introduction: The Elephant and the Five Wise Blind Seers
  • The Key Idea: Are Conversations Battles to Win or Lose?
  • The Rules Of The Game: Agreements About Civility
  • Start with Commonality and Foundation Ideas
  • Precision in Language and Concepts
  • Verifying and Evaluating Information
  • Avoiding Common Critical Thinking Mistakes


  • Build and maintain relationships during divisive political times.
  • Attract people who want to discuss issues instead of debating them.
  • Create safe public environments for difficult conversations.

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