Customer Service: When And How To Break The Rules

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: CS 211

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Who gets which kind of service at your front counter? What if the rules interfere with great customer service? What if a new situation comes up that is not covered by The Book? And what if a new rule is causing havoc with customer relations, and you are the one who has to save the day: What is the right way to break the rules?


  • Introduction: Why Personal Judgment Is Not Enough
  • The Key Idea: Final Decisions Are Made By The Institution
  • The Steps For Breaking Rules
  • When We Break Rules, We Document And Communicate
  • Will This Become A Policy Or A One-Time Choice?
  • Evaluating The Decision: The Costs And The Benefits
  • Who Decides?


  • Improve customer service policies through front-line responses.
  • Provide consistent service without favoritism.
  • Capture and document problems with customer service rules.

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