Creating Standards for Consistently Excellent Library Customer Service

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Deciding to offer great library customer service is not enough. Create concrete goals based on the responses of the customers themselves: Do they say good things about you? Come back? If so, is it because of how they were treated, the expertise of your staff, the quality of your products and services, or something more. Standards help you identify and repeat successes, and ensure a consistently good experience, regardless of who is staffing the service desks or phones.


  • Introduction: Safety For The Stranger
  • The Key Idea: Consistency
  • The Basics
  • Customer Service Standards
  • The Impact of Effective Supervision
  • Case studies
  • What Next: Your customer service plan


  • Better manage customer service issues.
  • Establish customer service standards: both internal and external.
  • Improve staff customer service skills.
  • Ensure effective supervisor oversight.

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