Creating Standards for Consistently Excellent Customer Service

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: CS 114

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Deciding to offer great customer service is not enough. Create concrete goals based on the responses of the customers themselves: Do they say good things about you? Come back? If so, is it because of how they were treated, the expertise of your staff, the quality of your products and services, or something more? Standards help you identify and repeat successes.


  • Introduction: What Are Customer Service Standards?
  • The Key Idea: Focus First On How The Customer Describes Success
  • Include Customer Input From The Start
  • Establish A Baseline: What Are We Doing Right Today?
  • Keep Goals And Standards Simple And Concrete
  • Reward Employees For Consistency And Innovation
  • What Will Be Better In One Year?


  • Increase customer loyalty and support.
  • Achieve and surpass current customer service standards.
  • Involve customers in exceeding expectations.

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