Conscious Culture: Concrete Choices That Can Change Your Workplace

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: OD 218

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Formal or informal? Friendly to teenagers, seniors, veterans, immigrants? Creativity and innovation valued. Family-friendly. Supportive of lifelong learning. Strong on employee loyalty. What is the culture of your workplace? What would you like it to be? Conscious evolution of how people are treated and how they treat others can be shaped by a thousand details. Where to start?


  • Introduction: “What Is A Warm, Friendly Workplace?”
  • The Key Idea: Culture Does Not Have To Be An Accident
  • What Kind Of Culture Do We Want For Employees?
  • What Kind Of Culture Do We Want For Customers?
  • What Does Our Workplace Look Like And Sound Like?
  • How Do We Behave Towards Customers And Each Other?
  • How Long Does It Take To Change Direction?


  • Design goals and strategies for a new workplace culture.
  • Change physical details to move the workplace closer to the new ideal.
  • Formalize the new culture in new policies and procedures.

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