Communication Mistakes Only Really Really Smart Or Busy People Make

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Intelligent busy people sometimes cut corners when it comes to workplace relationships. Are you a degreed professional, devoted scholar and researcher, or just a superior smart cookie? You might have been rewarded for brilliant ideas, big grants, and amazing productivity, but not so much for getting along well with others. Now that no one wants to be part of your team, what will you do?


  • Introduction: Some Of Our Best Friends Are Really Smart…
  • The Key Idea: A High I.Q. Is Not Enough
  • Are Smart People Human: Do They Sleep And Eat?
  • Do They Think They Are The Exception To Rules Of Civility?
  • Do They Respond To People Based On Perceived Status?
  • Do They Discount Emotions?
  • Do They Discount Information Outside Their Expertise?


  • Improve supervisory skills of employees with superior technical skills.
  • Maintain high standards for civility, not just productivity.
  • Attract more high-quality team members for special projects.

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