Cheap, Good and Fast Printed Materials: How To Fake Money, Skill, And Time

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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The good news is that creating effective print materials does not require a degree in design or fancy software. Follow a few simple guidelines, and produce quality promotional and educational brochures, posters, newsletters, and flyers. You also can save money by avoiding expensive, complicated mistakes and creating attractive templates to use more than once.


  • Introduction: Start With Legible, Clean, And Brief
  • The Key Idea: Simple, Simple, Simple
  • Steal Ideas From The Best
  • Start With The Framework: What Goes Where?
  • Edit Copy So Type Is Large
  • You Can Use Many Colors And Typestyles. Don’t
  • Practice With Small Projects First


  • Create templates that can be used to make production more reliable.
  • Simplify layout and design to improve effectiveness.
  • Tweak existing print projects by applying basic design principles.

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