Building Support Networks for Your Organization, Issue or Great Idea

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: LE 112

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If you are advocating for a cause, trying to win votes, marketing an idea in your institution, or need to change the minds of elected and appointed officials, you need a network: working relationships with allies. You need people from different points of view, different institutions or departments, and who bring a variety of skills. Where are they, who are they, and why will they want to support you?


  • Introduction: Why Support Networks Are Necessary
  • The Key Idea: All Great Ideas Need A Team
  • What Is A Network: Investing In Relationships
  • Mapping Personal, Community, And Institutional Networks
  • Recruitment And Retention
  • Staying On Track: Strategic Alliances
  • Sharing The Glory


  • Build and maintain relationships for the good of your project.
  • Recruit a diversity of people to provide support.
  • Raise effective awareness of issues that translates into money and votes.

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