Building Partnerships with Your Customers

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: MS 111

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Too many social and business entrepreneurs create products and services without input from those who use them – and pay for them. Customers give the best development advice and ensure that no one becomes lost in ego trips about how great they are doing. They also can be part of the team that recruits their friends, neighbors, co-workers, colleagues, and family members: The Gold Standard of marketing.


  • Introduction: The Customer Alliance
  • The Key Idea: Invite Them To The Party As Soon As Possible
  • Different Models Of Customer Involvement
  • Creating Formal Agreements
  • Sharing Real Decision-Making Power
  • Sustainable Relationships With Customer Advisors
  • Pitfalls Of The Customer-Driven Marketing Model


  • Ensure products and services are relevant to your customers’ wants.
  • Elicit a constant flow of useful feedback.
  • Provide a concrete reality check for great, untested theories.

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