Building Partnerships with Your Competitors and Vendors

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: MS 113

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Inexperienced business owners sometimes think that business is all about dog-eat-dog, and winner-take-all. The truth is a little more complicated: Most competitors, and vendors, are potential customers and collaborators. Partnering with other organizations is a proven way to stretch resources economically. The big issue is to find ways to fit together so that each partner benefits.


  • Introduction: Grow Your Business Through Partnership
  • The Key Idea: Look At All Business Relationships Positively
  • Be a Good Customer And Competitor
  • Learn Their Businesses: What Are Their Goals?
  • Look For Ways You Can Work For Mutual Benefit
  • Steps To Success: Start Small; Stay Flexible
  • How To Create Sustainable Partnerships


  • Find opportunities for projects of mutual benefit.
  • Extend the reach of public relations and advertising efforts.
  • Find ways to share overhead and staff.

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