Board Roles and Relationships with the Director, Staff, Volunteers, and Community

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: BA 112

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What does the governing board for a nonprofit or government agency do? Do they pick the color of the carpeting, hire janitors, count pennies, and write the director’s reports to the community? Or are they focused on the better future of their institution and the people it serves? Too many people who sit on appointed and elected boards don’t know their roles or the differences between micromanagement and oversight. Learn the big job of your board so you can make the most of your collective time, intelligence, and energy.


  • Introduction: What Is The job Of An Elected Or Appointed Public Or Nonprofit Board Member
  • The Key Idea: Learn Your Role And Do It Well
  • The Different Types Of Boards: Governing, Advisory, And Operations
  • The Leadership, Management, And Task Duties Of Board Members
  • What Are The Roles Of Directors And Staff Versus Board Members
  • Who Writes And Approves The Budget And Strategic Plan?
  • How To Manage Disagreements


  • Define and maintain productive board/director relationships.
  • Write guidelines creating budgets and strategic plans.
  • Establish rules for managing personnel issues.

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