Beyond Surveys And Focus Groups: Better Ways To Research Your Customers’ Preferences

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: RI 214

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Although it is best not to rely on only one type of market research, some techniques can immerse you in the lives of your customers better than others. They require community friendship, which assumes you are going to leave the building and share their points of view. Where do they live, what do they spend money on, and what problems are they trying to solve?


  • Introduction: Case Study: What You Will Learn On The Street?
  • The Key Idea: Person-to-Person Works Best.
  • The Danger Of Assumptions
  • Are You A Typical Customer? If Not?
  • Using Their Services; Buying Their Products
  • Visiting Their Homes; Sharing Their Lives
  • Working On Joint Projects


  • Design and implement strategies for customer partnerships.
  • Schedule visits with customers on their turf.
  • Create trips to explore your customers’ worlds.

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