Arbitrate, Mediate, Negotiate: Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: CM 218

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What if two or more parties have a dispute and want to avoid lawyers and courtrooms? If they don’t want to litigate, they can use time-tested techniques to resolve their disagreements, usually in less time, for less money, and with less antagonism and emotional cost. The same principles can be used to resolve any kind of workplace and personal conflict.


  • Introduction: How Can Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Save Resources And Reduce Drama?
  • The Key Idea: We Always Have More Choices When Resolving Conflicts.
  • Arbitration: When A Decision Must Be Made And Time Is Running Out
  • Mediation: When Disputing Parties Need To Work It Out Themselves
  • Negotiation: When Collaboration and Compromise Are Possible With Assistance
  • Reconcilation: When Someone Has To Apologize
  • When A Formal Courtroom Is Best


  • Create new options for resolving longterm conflicts.
  • Turn combatants into partners for solving problems.
  • Develop procedures for managing difficult disagreements.

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