After the Internet and E-Books: The Future of the Information Society

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: TK 111

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Once upon a time, many thought the Internet was the final frontier. Then smart phones, new tablets, and ebooks began to dominate the scene. What new technologies are on the radar that might impact how libraries, schools, universities, government agencies, and businesses provide their services? How will social media, voice and face recognition, artificial intelligence, and 3-D printing impact your organization and customers?


  • Introduction: Where To Look For The Future?
  • The Key Idea: “More Choices” Is Always A Safe Bet
  • Is The Novelty Over: Raised Expectations
  • Everyone Gets What They Want
  • Responsiveness In Everyday Machines
  • Desire For Privacy And Safety Driving People Away
  • Need For Human Intervention Continues


  • Develop “radar” for new practical technology development.
  • Seek out better sources of accurate information.
  • Partner with technology innovators.

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