Adult Education Principles for Workplace Trainers: Introduction

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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A captive audience for your classes does not guarantee success. Engaging participants with adult education principles fosters better acceptance, retention, and application of ideas and methods. Learn the benefits of letting participants contribute to the content before and during the formal class. Even participants who know nothing about the topic still have workplace experiences that can shape a shared understanding for the information.


  • Introduction: How To Implement These Principles In Your Classroom
  • The Key Idea: Egalitarian: Students Treated Like Equals By Instructors.
  • Participatory: Students Have An Active Role In Learning.
  • Collaborative: Students Contribute To Content.
  • Interactive: Students Share With Instructor And With Others.
  • Applicable: Students Use Tools To Solve Real-world Problems.
  • Adult Education Is About Who Has The Power.


  • Share classroom decision-making with students.
  • Invite students’ stories to enrich curriculum.
  • Create a classroom of teaching partners.

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