A Print Materials Clinic: What Works And What Could Be Better

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: WD 212

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A print clinic allow participants to dig in and apply good design principles to analyze and improve current and future projects. Depending on what is brought to the clinic and the mood of the participants, real materials are used to demonstrate the good, the bad, and the potential to improve.


  • Introduction: The Basic Rules Of Good Print Design
  • The Key Idea: Evolve Your Designs
  • What Can You Learn From Magazine Ads?
  • Tricks Of The Trade: The Squint Test
  • Using Pens And Crayons First
  • Paper, Color, And Type
  • Deep Feedback: A Complete Review


  • Increase the effectiveness of current print projects.
  • Improve the design of future media.
  • Sharpen skills of evaluating type, paper, color, and design.

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