A Natural History Of The Cat

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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The household cat is a happy accident: the best people at domesticating (the Egyptians) with the right animal at hand (the African Wildcat) and the need for a predator that could protect the new grain storage facilities from small prey. But most of what we know about cats comes from commonly circulated myths, which find their ways into most popular books. Clues to the truth can be found scattered over a dozen disciplines.


  • Introduction: The Hunt For The Truth About Cats
  • The Key Idea: Learn To Check Every Fact
  • What Do Cats Have In Common With Elephants And Camels?
  • What Does Domestication Do To Animals?
  • Egyptians: Were Cats Really Sacred?
  • Witches: Were Cats Unfairly Targeted During The Plague Years?
  • Rats: What Are The Champions At Protecting Food Supplies?


  • Understand the importance of interdisciplinary research.
  • Appreciate the history of domesticated animals.
  • Know why your cat feels superior.

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