Live and Recorded Webinar Series Information

Image for new blog postWe have launched a weekly series of live webinars this summer and have received a number of questions over the last few weeks. We figure that maybe other people have similar questions. Hope this short summary of FAQS helps. Always happy to answer questions, concerns, etc. We know that life happens, so we will do our best to make your experience the best we can, within the reality that all. technology. sucks. (smile)


We have a mixed of free and fee-based live and recorded webinars available on our site or from our training partners. Most are geared to libraries, but almost all of them apply to any workplace. You can browse the different titles here:

Live web casts:

1. The live webcasts do not limit the number of people who can watch from one seat/location. If you want your colleagues to be able to see a live webinar from more than one location, however, someone needs to buy a ticket for each location. Unless otherwise indicated, all live webinars are $20.00 per seat/location and include a downloadable slide handout in pdf format.

We use the GoToWebinar platform, which is VOIP, meaning, you can see and hear the program over your computer. You don’t need a microphone, but headsets or speakers can help improve the quality of your session.

We strongly suggest you log in at least 30 minutes beforehand, to ensure you are up and running with your audio and visual working, before we start. If you have an event planned with a group showing up, we would suggest an hour before, and let us know, of course. We usually are live and doing tech checks 30 minutes before.

Archived versions for streaming, anytime:

2. The recorded/archives version of the webinars can be viewed via Vimeo in a streaming format for $10.00. We usually have those edited and posted with a week of the live cast. As soon as you pay for the rental, the clock starts for a 72-hour window.

Theoretically, you can watch a webinar up to nine times in that period. We have learned that the system is on a hair trigger, so if you look at the screen funny, and the system registers a hit, that counts as a viewing (sigh). Or if you log in and out. Etc. So, you might experience a lockout sooner than you think you should. If you have problems, let us know.

Group events:

3. We decided a long time ago that we have better things to do with our time than be the webinar police. (smile) So, we charge the same amount regardless of how many people are in one physical location watching either the live or recorded versions. If you do plan to invite a crowd, we strongly suggest that you do a tech check beforehand in the exact location and with the identical equipment that will be used during the actual event, and let us know what you are planning and when. We don’t have the ability to monitor or help with tech issues during the live webinar, so waiting until the last minute is not a good idea.

But, if you plan to watch a recorded version with a group, we suggest you let us know when, so, if possible, we can make sure someone is available in our office to help with technical problems beforehand. We don’t want a group of people sitting in a room staring at a blank wall if we can help.

By the way, the rental for the recorded version is for the use of the individual who bought the seat and is not meant to be shared, although the renter is welcome to invite others to watch the recorded webinar with him or her. An exception is made if the financial department of the institution needs for Person A to buy it, say with a credit card, and hand the information over to Person B.

English is a slippery language, and if you have questions and concerns we do not address here, please let us know.