Introduction To Diagnosing and Fixing Technology (TK 101) – Essential Webinar Series

The Essential Webinar Series provides an introduction to practical ideas that support workplace and career success.

Has an entire generation forgotten how to analyze a concrete problem, fix broken machines, adjust a recipe, or create workarounds for damaged equipment? The same principles apply to hardware, software, peripherals, and the Cloud, as well as copiers, cameras, lighting equipment, toasters, and interstellar laser beams.


  • Introduction: Welcome To The Real World
  • The Key Idea: Get Your Hands Dirty
  • Every Tool Has Limitations
  • Patch The Roof When the Sun Is Shining
  • Where To Start: Take A Breath And Step Back
  • Trust, And Verify: Details Count.
  • Push The Red Button: Try Something Different.


  • Feel confident that you can master most tools.
  • Develop new strategies when everyone else is stuck.
  • Test new technology before you commit.

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