Introducing The Gossip Diet and an Invitation

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Our current online directory of topics was created in 2012, based on our experience with clients going back to the late 70s. That is when we first began to produce programs for business start-ups, nonprofits, libraries, and corporate clients. Our intention is to provide clients with a tool for curriculum design and inspiration, and to make the process of choosing topics easier for committees and other virtual work groups.

These topics can be transformed into everything from conference keynotes to executive retreats with elected boards, from in-person staff day presentations to webinars to combinations of online and virtual education and training.

After we built this collection from existing topics, more topics have been created from current partnerships with training organizations and clients as well as inspiration from the current concerns of our customer base.

This image is in the public domain. Source: Our most addition, The Gossip Diet, falls under the category of Great Ideas from Customers. It happens that we had developed a program about gossip and rumor years ago for a medical clinic staff and had not had use for it again–until a public library manager suggested it as a topic recently. Not only did we add it to the directory this past week, but we also will be making it a public webcast, and the staff of the librarian who hatched the idea has been invited to attend for free.

So, you are invited to scan the directory and tell us what is missing. If we feel it is a topic we can do justice to and it fills a gap, we will add it, and invite you and your workplace to attend a public program and/or view the recorded archive for free.

Meanwhile, happy viewing!