Intro To Workplace Conversations (IC 101) – Essential Webinar Series

The Essential Webinar Series provides an introduction to practical ideas that support workplace and career success.

Do you enjoy connecting with people in your work? Are encounters mostly productive and pleasant? Or do you hide under the table and ignore the knock on the door? Good workplace relations start with successful conversations.


  • Introduction: Workplace Promises
  • The Key Idea: Great Conversations Are A Two-Way Street
  • Framework For Communication Success
  • Clean Up Your Act First
  • Is It A Personal or Personnel Issue?
  • What Workplace Conversations Have In Common
  • Co-workers, Employees, Bosses, Customers, Vendors


  • Lower the drama in your workplace.
  • Resolve problems quickly.
  • Improve productivity.

Download Program Handouts

Slide Handout

Personal Or Personnel Quiz

Personal Or Personnel Quiz (black and white)