Intro to the Career Autobiography (CA 101) – Essential Webinar Series

The Essential Webinar Series provides an introduction to practical ideas that support workplace and career success.

Whether you are building a resume, creating a workplace portfolio, preparing for a job interview, or making a career change, a career autobiography can capture information and provide a narrative flow. It also can reveal patterns about career choices and help remind you of forgotten skills and accomplishments, in both text and graphic formats.


  • Introduction: The First Step To Your Next Workplace Opportunity
  • The Key Idea: You Need To Write It Down
  • Pick Your Tools, From Whiteboards To Slide Decks
  • Create Your Timeline: Chronologies, Skills, Accomplishments
  • Choices, Accidents, Mistakes, Interruptions, Surprises, Opportunities
  • Mapping Decisions and Patterns
  • Next Steps: How Will You Use The Data And Keep It Updated


  • Create a chronological record of your job history.
  • Review past decisions that impact current and future choices.
  • Capture forgotten experiences and learning.

Download Program Handouts

Slide Handout

Work History Chart (color)

Work History Chart (black and white)